Episode #002 – Make A Difference Teaching Chess in Africa | NM Evan Rabin

Episode #002 – National Master Evan Rabin

Episode #002 – Make A Difference Teaching Chess in Africa | NM Evan Rabin

Evan Rabin is a U.S. National Master and the CEO of Premier Chess, a nationwide chess education company that teaches in over 40 schools in the United States.

Today we discuss quite a few things regarding Evan’s relationship with chess. Things such as…

  • How Evan got started playing chess
  • How he started a chess education full time
  • His current plans and initiatives regarding Premier Chess
  • His humbling experience teaching chess in Africa
    • and how you can too if you’re interested

Check out Evan Rabin on all web mediums below:


email: premierchess64@gmail.com

Twitter: @PremierChess

Facebook: @PremierChess

P: +1 917 776 1306



**Apologies in advance for the audio quality**

Make a Difference Teaching Chess in Africa. In 2018, National Master Evan Rabin led a group to Africa as a part of the Make A Difference – Helping End Poverty Through Education non-profit organization to teach chess to local youth. It is a project that in July 2019, Evan will be looking for more people to help teach the group for a second time. Since Evan’s last visit the group has kept up a local chess club and play active.

If you love to play chess, enjoy traveling and are looking for a way to make more of a difference in the world, this is the trip for you!

Contact Evan via the links provided above if you’re interested!

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