Episode #001 – Drawmageddon: Are Draws an Epidemic in Chess?

Episode #1 (Pilot) Drawmageddon: Are Draws an Epidemic in Chess?

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With 12 rounds of the 2018 World Chess Championship behind us and not a single victory or defeat among them we head into the tie-breaks today to determine the next world champion.

The past couple of years there has been lots of talk about how much of a problem draws have been in chess and I don’t think it really is a problem. Just in this world championship alone, you’d be insane to say that some of the games weren’t entertaining despite their result.

Today we discuss the World Chess Championship (Fabiano Caruana vs. Magnus Carlsen) as it heads into tie-breaks. With 12 draws and the chess community going insane, I figured it’d be a good time to discuss the “draw culture” that apparently exists at the top level that stunts the growth of chess becoming a spectator sport.